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I gave it to a friend of my daughter from the US. He really really liked it.

The fit is really good. And the color I really like it. 😊

Ang ganda gandaaaa!!! Perfect pang gift. Ang bilis pa ng shipping. Will surely purchase again yung pang lady naman. Thank you seller. 🤗

I love that they are very light, I oftentimes forget that I have them on. They are conversation starters, novelty and all.
The first one I got was the Andromeda, very posh looking with the stainless links. I use this when I go to work. The second one I got was the Tubbataha, very hip with the light colors. I use this on weekends for a more casual look.
I am always on the lookout for new designs. ____

We're loving them so far!

We're loving them so far!

No regrets

I love it!!


Exquisite. But I do not recommend wearing it when it is raining or moist. I consulted with a watch fixer and he said the mechanism might not be moist-proof, since the watch has stopped twice already (with relatively new batteries). So it is better to remove the watch when you are sweating heavily too. Also, the ring surrounding the seconds mini-clock moved and is now not in place. It doesn't really look appealing. Hoping that the watchmaker can fix this.

Classic Dusk in Dark Sandalwood and Black

Got this as a gift. Thank you!

Very lightweight, beautiful design

I almost forget I’m wearing it and I thought since it was lightweight, it’ll easily break, but no! It’s still sturdy. The design is very beautiful. Thank you!

Got the watches! They're so beautiful! Thank you!

Gift for my husband

Order received. Ang gandaaa!😍 Thank you!😊

Got the watches! They're so beautiful! Thank you!

Anilao in Walnut and Pink
Cristina Espiritu
So happy I bought it.

Love the way my watch looks. Adjusting the links was hard at first because the pins weren't easy to pushthrough. You just need to persevere through it by being extra careful not to damage the surface of the links while you're pushing. The little tool that comes with the kit is indispensable.

Ease of transaction

Super appreciate that you were able to change my order immedidately (due to my error). Delivery was fast too! I ordered another 1 and waiting for delivery.

Got this for my husband as a wedding gift! Ganda!

They looked awesome.

Maraming salamat po. I got the watches. 😁 Good thing I saw your ad, I'm having trouble looking for gifts to my couple friends :)

They looked awesome.

Maraming salamat po. I got the watches. 😁 Good thing I saw your ad, I'm having trouble looking for gifts to my couple friends :)

Appearance: True to photo! My boyfriend likes it.
Colour: Color is slightly lighter than the photo but it still looks just as stylish
Material Quality: Very classy.
I love it. Affordable for a watch and suits my boyfriend who was looking for a watch to wear for special occasions. It comes with an adjuster tool also so it's easy to customize to his wrist size.

Hi! I just wanted to share that I got the watch kanina and OMG it’s gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the excellent customer service too 💖✨
I’m so excited for my mom to open this!! She’s going to love it too 💖✨

So nice!

Thank you seller!

thank you so much for smooth transaction and fast delivery. been wanting this watch for long hihi. cant wait to wear this 😍😍

Excellent watch and service

Thank you to Narra Watches for the beautiful watch!

Unique Watch

i am an absolute fan of these beautiful watches. I already bought two. I only wear the best wrist watches out
there because thats my piece of jewelry. These watches give a unique wooden strap (not the usual ceramic or
leather or metallic) and mother of pearl and capiz dials make it such traditionally philippino. i gifted these to
my designer friends abroad who fell in love with these watches. Ordering to delivery was a very smooth experience.
i am looking forward to seeing more designs from you.