Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

We believe in the sustainability and ecofriendly movement, and want to do our part to help the world. Climate Change, Reforestation, and Restoration of Ecological Biodiversity are three issues our team cares deeply about.
By using natural, and ecofriendly materials, our watches are carefully and purposely crafted with our customers, and our environment in mind. We try our best to only source from sustainable and responsible suppliers, and making sure that the wood we use does not constitute and contribute to endangering species.
With our mission to protect the environment and bring awareness to environmental issues, we are committing to plant one tree for every watch sold. We believe that this initiative brings us closer to the goals we have.
By partnering with NGOs, we are able to donate to sustainability efforts to plant trees, and restore our forests to capture more carbon and mitigate the impact of climate change, however small way we can. By contributing to these sustainability efforts, hopefully we can also restore more of the Philippine's natural resources and forests, which will lead to healthier ecosystems for the different places in our country.
We currently partner with One Tree Planted, to plant bamboo trees in various places in the country, mostly in Mindanao, which will help reforest the area, act as a carbon capture mechanism, and provide the local people with economic opportunities from bamboo harvesting. To date we have planted more than 400 trees with this initiative, and we invite our community to donate to the project as well here.
narra wooden watches tree planted
We also want to share an initiative by the Philippine Native Tree Enthusiasts to propagate pocket forests with native and endemic tree seeds. The pocket forests of native trees will help save our threatened native trees while enhancing the biodiversity for a healthy ecosystem. To donate, please check the photo below and the original Facebook post here. We also welcome interested people to join their Facebook Group here.
*Narra Wooden Watches is NOT affiliated with any of the admins of PNTE. We simply share similar visions and want to advocate for their initiatives.
Social Initiatives
We also believe in helping out with various social initiatives.
Previously we have partnered with Jeepney Stop, and LinkUP to provide donations to Jeepney Drivers who had their sources of income cut off during the pandemic last 2020, by donating 10% of the proceeds of our sales during that time period.
We have also donated to Wavefarers PH to provide donations to fisherfolk in Bacoor, Cavite, and Project Laan, for donations to rural communities during the pandemic.
For donations, sponsorships, and other partnership requests, send your proposals to us at