COD is now available NATIONWIDE! Deliveries may be delayed due the imposition of the ECQ to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
COD is now available NATIONWIDE! Deliveries may be delayed due the imposition of the ECQ to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
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About Us - Our Narrative

Our Narrative

Narra Wooden Watches - Designed by Filipinos, imbuing the Filipino Spirit

Narra Wooden Watches is a passion project born from a desire to stand out and be unique. Through the creation of our stylish wooden watches, we want to highlight the use of unconventional, natural materials to create something beautiful and unique. Who would have thought it possible to make watches, out of wood? By being brave and creative enough, it is possible for anyone to make something truly unique.

We are a group of young Filipino entrepreneurs who dare to dream big. Our goal is to create stylish wooden watches that people can wear confidently and proudly. Our team personally designed these watches, and will continue to keep designing new models in the future.

We chose Narra as our brand name because the Narra tree, a distinct Filipino symbol, represents durability, quality, sophistication, and a uniquely Filipino spirit. Our goal is to produce fashionable, stylish, high quality, wooden watches for the modern wardrobe using the best materials, to ensure our customers can stand out and look good.



Our Roots

“What does it take to stand out?”

The Narra Story begins during 2017, a time I was out in Europe for a vacation. The streets of Venice, Italy were old and narrow, yet retained this distinct sense of history. It was easy to get lost amidst the small streets and inaccurate GPS tracking of this historic place. One time on our way back to our hotel, we were wandering through the alleys of Venice and stumbled upon this very warm shop that I couldn’t resist taking a peek. Lo and behold, it was a watch store with all things wooden. I’ve never realized that watches could be made from wood, let alone be made with such elegance as the ones I saw. These wooden watches, were truly something unique, something that I'd never seen before. They were eye catching, and I immediately knew I wanted one.

This was the beginning of the Narra story. It was born out of a desire to stand out, to be unique. I wasn't an expert about watches before this, but this was about more than telling the time. This was about creativity, a new way of looking and making things. A way of standing out.

I came home from that trip with a vast collection of travel photos, happy memories, and one special wooden watch. But the watch represented more than a souvenir. To me, it was the birth of an idea, an idea to create something special, something unique, and be able to share it with people. It was an idea to do something new, something different. 

Thus, Narra was born.


Dare to be different, dare to be unique. 

More than just providing stylish watches, Narra is a brand that believes in embracing your unique self to stand out and be different. With watches that are purposely made from unique and unconventional materials, we want to show that being different and unique can mean being beautiful and admirable, and that embracing your quirks can make you shine. We want to show that by being brave and creative enough, you can be something truly unique.

We want to dare people to go out of their comfort zones and change their narratives. We want them to dare to be noticed, dare to be admired, dare to be confident, dare to stand out, dare to be different, and dare to show the world their own unique selves.

Why Wooden Watches?

Here at Narra, we believe that watches are more than just devices that tell time. Watches are statement accessories and are symbols of style and means to express your personality.

We are committed to make use of only high quality, sustainable, and natural wood to provide our customers with a unique piece of nature. With our wooden watches, you can express yourself like no one else. You can stand out while looking chic with our unique timepieces. With our 100% natural and eco-friendly watches, you will be amazed at what nature has to offer.

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